My custom Aurora OS

on Aug 29, 2008

Aurora sports a visual design that combines a sleek look,clean lines and appealing colors and a task oriented design and exceptionally streamlined navigation.Build on the Gold Edition of Windows XP SP3,provides an Identical look of Vista on XP Platform,thus acts as a bridge between the two.A lot of brain storming and diligence have gone to design and develop this product,an effort of extreme Modifications.Still I believe that there is a scope of improvement.I modified the OS in about 6 months time,to enjoy Vista Mods on XP! and found that several modifications could be done for our own ease and reliability.

What is in Aurora ?

Includes all previously released updates for the operating system, and a small number of new updates to ensure that Windows XP customers have the latest updates for their system.Includes all hot-fixes till August 2008.

Special Features

  • QuickThemes (One-Click)
  • PNG Image for Boot-Screen (all size)
  • Optional Vista Transformation Mods , icons , toolbar
  • Vista's Windows Cascader
  • New Power Toys
  • Vista's Start Menu,Dialog Boxes,Logon Screen
  • Essential applications and tools (includes New MS Agent Characters)...and much more.

Enjoy Vista Mods on XP!